Advocate Builders -

Mandy Bryant
Long Vue Farms

We reached out to Shonda because we had built an incredible team of employees and wanted to figure out how to retain them. Shonda immediately bonded with our team and after only one meeting, we already had communication tools that began relieving stress and improving communication among the entire group.

One of the most valuable tools Shonda brought to us was the DISC assessment. From these we are learning to flex to each other’s behavioral style which has improved our efficiency and relationships tremendously. Shonda has taught us how to utilize our DISC assessments to match talents to tasks, communicate with each other better, and get the right people in the right seats on the bus.

These assessments and our time with Shonda have impacted us all far beyond our work relationships and management skills. Through Shonda and our DISC assessments, we are seeing improvements in relationships in more than just our work environment. Our personal lives have improved from this experience also. And that flows back into our business.

We have turned to Shonda for assistance with talent scouting, training new employees, how to conduct effective and productive meetings, time management, and many more areas where she has excelled. She is now a member of our board of advisers and a priceless member of our team.

-Mandy Bryant